"Nature on the Threshold"
The Art and Writing of M. Morgan Warren

Book Reviews 


"Nature on the Threshold is a beautiful book.. The more I read it, the more I am aware of the richness of (her) perspective through the fascinating details of (her) journal entries for the year, along with all the paintings!" 

"I will never think of our red squirrels quite the same.  In fact, there is so much overlap (west and east):  song sparrows, nuthatches, juncos, flycatchers, robins, great horned owl, barred owl, chickadees, hummingbirds, woodpeckers, cottontail rabbits, raccoons and so many more.  Thank you for bringing this often ignored and sometimes endangered company out to play. . . ." 



"I can’t begin to tell you how my spirit was quieted and yet soaring.  I soon realized how little I knew about birds and squirrels and other little creatures. I was fascinated  while reading all about them in (her) books. The squirrels and birds became my friends, and I had never pondered how they ate and survived……..well I do now!!!!"

"...everyday on my walks, I see so much more, and hear so much more, and understand so much more. (She has) left the world so much in (her) art, in (her) poems, in (her) teachings and understanding of what is happening around (her)."



"...(her) book..is a superb edition of (her) talents..writing from (her) heart, painting with such accuracy & feelings, and actually very wonderful journalism.

The Foreward and Preface made me cry.  It all touched my soul and attested to..my beliefs that our beloved wildlife and foliage - large and small- is fast disappearing. What we have loved and seen since childhood, in the forests, bushes we played in, the mountains we hiked, the rivers and seasides we explored up into our 70's, has diminished vastly....we are devoiding the planet of all Creatures Great and Small...so very very sad."



"I've read " Nature on the Threshold ", and once again enjoyed (her) art and writing. I also enjoyed the addition of the botanical identification of wild flora and fauna. It may not have been (her) intent, but I cried at the end of the book.

At 83 years of age, I have experienced and witnessed the disappearance, or decline, of so many of my favourites in nature. (Her) book is a tribute to what is amazingly beautiful."



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