M Morgan Warren Artist's Statement


With the advent of 2022, I find myself writing and illustrating another book. This one will be ostensibly for children, but I hope it will be read by all. It centres around the young Red Squirrel, Stumper, whom I came to know well during my time at the A-Frame Studio at Canoe Cove, and a wonderful Apple tree which had certain mystical properties, and which sadly, is now no longer. Like so many of the uniquely beautiful things in Nature, it fell to the relentless onslaught of “Progress”. 

It seems to me that “progress” has caused a lot of grief in the world. We are now facing unprecedented shifts in our climate which will cause incredible hardship in the coming years.

The scientists have been warning governments for many decades, but their admonitions have fallen on deaf ears. It is “business as usual” for most of the world’s leaders, and those who control them - the large corporations. 

In its own small way, I hope my new book will help to make a difference. Only at the individual’s level will change for the good occur. We must each reestablish the connection which we all share with the Earth. Only through that will humans gain the wisdom to survive the catastrophes which they are now incurring upon themselves, and learn to live in harmony with the rest of the citizens of this planet. 

- M. Morgan Warren



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